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Neighborhood & Community

Cities are hubs of knowledge and information. Accessing and interpreting this information is essential for discovering hidden patterns. These patterns are used to understand how cities evolve and how they can operate more efficiently–a hugely important task for cities with limited resources.

Bike City Diagnostics Suburb

CAESER works with several organizations to open access to urban data and utilize it in a way that helps public and private sector entities make better decisions. We use modeling and visualization techniques to help simplify complicated, abstract concepts and make them solvable. A few of these projects include:

Memphis Property Hub screenshot

We consolidate disparate municipal data related to urban blight within a single, comprehensive data warehousing system that enables users to perform complex queries to better understand the state of their community. screenshot

A neighborhood indicator visualization application that allows users to compare the health of their neighborhood using a variety of indicators across multiple geographic scales.

Tax Delinquency program
Tax Delinquency

A data mining project that looks for patterns in tax delinquency throughout Shelby County.

Employment and Residential Density
Employment and Residential Density

Visual of transit connectivity based on “day time” and “night time” population densities represented at the parcel scale.

Land Productivity
Land Productivity

Development of a series of visuals to illustrate how density is able to increase the county scale to help illustrate current transit connectivity amount of potential tax revenue per unit of land.

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